For interest – links to my radio shows, guest blog posts and TEDx talk

Hi good readers in blog land.

I recently attended an awards ceremony in Sydney and one of my amazing friends suggested that it would be good for me to provide a document to the public with links to everything I’ve done over the past few years. So here goes…links to all my radio shows, guest blogs, TEDx talk, radio interview on The Autism Show, book page on publishers site and so forth. All up it’s about 12 hours of material, so I would’t recommend going through all of it in one sitting, but if you’re interested, you could save the link in your favourites or something.

My favourite items are the TEDx talk, the blog for the Attitude Foundation, the radio show at the ASA conference and the shows with Alex Evans and Joel Wilson, but it’s all pretty good (I hope!). I try not to produce and substandard work, so enjoy my various things:

TEDx talk

Autism Show interview

Wonderful World of Work 2 minute video for publisher


Employment page on Autism Women Matter

Guest blog for Aspect

Attitude Foundation blog for International Women’s Day 2015

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute blog post

 Radio shows:

7 February 2015 – Emma and Jane

14 February – Jeanette by herself

20 February  – ASA Conference live show–jeanettes-autism-show

7 March – Dawn-Joy Leong

14 March- Beck Kelly–jeanettes-autism-show

21 March – Alex Evans–jeanettes-autism-show

28 March 2015 – Ben Wilshire–jeanettes-autism-show

4 April – Joel Wilson–jeanettes-autism-show

11 April  – Tori Haar–jeanettes-autism-show


4 thoughts on “For interest – links to my radio shows, guest blog posts and TEDx talk

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