Links for I CAN Network following episode of Jeanette’s Autism Show featuring Penny Robinson

Dear readers,

This is not my usual blog. Instead it is a list of the links for the I CAN Network. The I CAN Network is a fantastic Autism organisation run by people on the spectrum and working to rethink Awetism in terms of ‘I Can’ rather than ‘I Can’t’. I CAN hosts mentoring camps for Autistic young people and works in schools, among many other good things. They are pretty much my favourite organisation at the moment.

I interviewed Penny Robinson  – Ambassador for, one of the founders of the I CAN Network – yesterday on my radio show. We discussed that I would put all the relevant links in one spot and post them to social media and I thought that the blog format would be a good way to approach it.

So here goes…


These playlists include:
  • The TEDx Talks done by Chris Varney, Tim Chan and Jeanette Purkis (recently added).
  • Various information videos, produced by the I CAN Network, including our #AWEtismRethink video (1500+ views) that explains what I CAN is about.
  • Talks given by I CAN Network speakers, including myself, about working successfully, higher education, anxiety, and our individual journeys.
Annual report, titled Game Change, released on World Autism Awareness Day this year:
Crowd funding – so I CAN Network will be able to train more mentors:
They also have hoodies for sale (I have one and they are very warm and comfy – support a rethink on Awetism in style).
And finally…last night’s episode of my radio show, where I interviewed Penny and we talked all about the network.–jeanettes-autism-show

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