A few of my favourite things….

I often hold a mirror to society in these blogs and criticise shortcomings in organisations, institutions and society. There is nothing wrong with this of course. It is a valuable function for a writer and Autism and mental health advocate to perform. I thought that this blog would be a bit different though. In this post I would like to look at things which I love, enjoy and value. I’ll write a little list…I enjoy lists

  1. My family. There’s that meme that says “I shook my family tree and all that fell out was a bunch of nuts.” In the kindest way possible, this could be said of my family, We are all a bit quirky Purky and different. This is often a good thing. My family stood by me when nobody else would, supported the broken and confused being that was me. I really appreciate that and love that I am now paying them back in joy and pride and happiness.
  2. Mr Kitty. He is filled with love and cuddles and acts like he is so lucky to have found such a hoomin mum as me. The feeling is mutual. We rescued one another.
  3. Movie night. Friends, films, Whimsy Manor and Mr Kitty come together in the most perfect evening in the world. And it happens every two weeks. Wow.
  4. Jeanette’s Autism Show  – my foray into multimedia Autistic advocacy. I love that thing so much, I get to speak to people all over the world who are just wonderful.
  5. The Internet. I can’t believe we didn’t used to have this. It’s full of lovely people who live in my phone and say nice things to me.
  6. My job and pretty much everything associated with it.
  7. Autism conferences – I get to hang out with all my friends and then get up on stage and tell jokes and occasionally get  a point across. What’s not to like??
  8. My illness. No, stay with me on this. Yes, it’s horrible and scary and makes life hard but it has also given me the opportunity to build self-awareness and understanding. Also, could you imagine a non-mentally ill Jeanette? Given my ambition and overachieving I would be absolutely unbearable. Adversity really is your friend.
  9. Alastair the MacBook Air. My little laptop friend. Reliable and attractively aerodynamic, he handles all my computing needs,
  10. All the Autism and mental health advocates who have gone before me, Big, whopping thank you!
  11. Donna Williams and her mentoring while I was writing and publishing my autobiography. I did not realise just what opportunities she opened up for me at the time but I will be eternally grateful.
  12. My motivation. I could run a country with this. Quite a large country at that! I have only once in almost nine years of full-time work woken up and thought ‘Oh, I don’t want to go to work today.’ Every other day – several thousands of them – I have leapt out of bed and enthusiastically bounced onto the bus and then into my office with a joyous smile and a positive attitude.
  13. Books – they opened up new worlds to me as a child and a new identity for myself when the first one by me came into being.
  14. My women’s group. I love it. I have met so many great friends through it. And to think, the first couple of years I missed more nights than I attended due to my mental ill heath.
  15. My peers, colleagues and friends in the Autism world.

That;s a good list of lovely things, I do try to see positives where I can. Some people might think I’m some kind of delusional Pollyanna but I’m not. I know there are sad and unpleasant things in this world of ours but I do like to focus on the good stuff. I always think that if you go through life expecting everyone will hate you and discriminate against you, that is probably what will happen. I don’t take that approach, I try to educate people who are ignorant or say ill-advised things. Sure, some of them are hostile and prejudiced but in many cases I have helped people to change their view.

I wish you all the most wonderful of good items on your own list.


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