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I don’t write much – I leave that up to my human mum. Some of you might know me though, My name is Mr Hieronymus Bosch Kitty Purkis II, but that’s a silly name so just call me Mr Kitty.

I remember a very long time ago I didn’t have a home. It was cold and I had to hunt for rats and mice to eat. I was very scared. Sometimes other cats and dogs would try and attack me, so I got to be very tough and I still don’t like other cats and dogs.

One day I got caught in a cage. I thought this was terrible and I cried and cried. Where would  get my food from? But a human came and took me out of the cage She patted me and told me it would be OK. I didn’t really believe her. I had never been patted before ad thought it was lovely. The human spoke in a  kindly one of voice and told me what a pretty cat I was.


Not long after that I got taken to somewhere new. I was scared. But it was actually wonderful because a lady took me out of the cage and help me close, I knew she was a good person and I purred and purred. I heard her say ‘I’m keeping this one because he is so beautiful and I love him.’ And there I was at home with my human mummy forever. Every day my human mummy tells me again ‘Mr Kitty you are beautiful and I love you.’

My mummy spends a lot of time sitting at the desk working on her computer. I get impatient and want cuddles and bite her toes (but not very hard). She says ‘Don’t be annoying. I love you but you are being annoying.’ Then she always cuddles me and gives me some food.

Most mornings my mummy goes out, She says ‘I’m off to work Mr Kitty. See you later, be good.’ I go and sleep on the bed until she comes home. Sometimes I look out the window at the world. I don’t want to go out there – it is scary and cold – but I like to look. I used to think that my human mummy wouldn’t come home. If there was food in my bowl I would leave it, not knowing if she would ever return. But I don’t do that any more because she always come hime and I know she wouldn’t leave me.

She buys toys for herself. I know she likes sparkly things and glitter. She has a whole box of human toys but I help her to share them with me. She says ‘you’re a funny bugger’ and picks me up and gives me a big cuddle. I love that.

Every once in a while a bunch of other humans come to my house. They all talk and laugh. One of them is a young human with long hair. She is very good at art and shows mummy and the other humans her drawings. There is another lady who plays with me. I like her. She is fun. I usually visit all the humans’ handbags and smooch them. The people stay really late and I always go to sleep before they leave. I think this is called movie night.

My human mummy gets really sad and scared sometimes. She tells herself ‘it’s not real’ and doesn’t even sit at her computer. I go up and give her a big cuddle. She holds me really close and tells me she loves me. I love her too and I hate when she is scared. She always gets better but I worry about her. One time she said ‘your face looks like a demon but I know you are an angel.’ She needs me I think.

At the end of every day my human mummy climbs into the big bed. I always hop on there as well. I climb under the covers right next to her and lay my head on the pillow. Mummy puts her arm over me and holds my paw. When I wake up later she is still holding my paw.

I love my human mummy. I am so happy at home with her. I have lots of toys to play with and yummy cat food. I say thank you every day with cuddles and purrs. I have almost forgotten when I didn’t have a house or a human.






3 thoughts on “Mr Kitty’s blog

  1. Hi Just found your blog. Great to read about someone who has Asperger’s like me but is doing well. I’m not. Wish I could take lessons.
    Thanks for writing inspiring and sharing.


  2. Lesley forwarded Mr Kitty’s thoughts on life etc and it made me smile. The pair of you make a great team and it is good you have one another. I have heard so much about Mr Kitty that I feel I know him personally. Cats have actually featured a lot in my life. My parents preferred them to dogs. Keep writing Mr Kitty blogs they are great.

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