Mr Kitty’s thoughts on life, the universe and his human

My name is Mr Kitty. I live in an art gallery called Whimsy Manor with my human whose name is Writer.

I remember a very long time ago I didn’t have a home. It was cold and I had to hunt for rats and mice to eat. I was very scared. Sometimes other cats and dogs would try and attack me, so I got to be very tough and I still don’t like other cats and dogs.

One day I got caught in a cage. I thought this was terrible and I cried and cried. A human came and took me out of the cage. This human spoke in a  kindly one of voice and told me what a pretty cat I was and I would be OK.

Not long after that I got taken to somewhere new. I was scared. But it was actually wonderful because a lady took me out of the cage and held me close. I knew she was a good person and I purred and purred. I heard her say ‘I’m keeping this one because he is beautiful and I love him.’ And there I was at home with my human forever. Every day my human tells me again ‘Mr Kitty you are beautiful and I love you.’

Most mornings my mummy goes out, She says ‘I’m off to work Mr Kitty. See you later. Be good.’ I go and sleep on the bed until she comes home. Sometimes I look out the window at the world. I don’t want to go out there – it is scary and cold – but I like to look. I used to think that my human mummy wouldn’t come home. If there was food in my bowl I would leave it, not knowing if she would ever return. But I don’t do that any more because she always come home and I know she wouldn’t leave me.

She buys toys for herself. I know she likes sparkly things and glitter. She has a whole box of human toys but I help her to share them with me. She says ‘you’re a funny bugger’ and picks me up and gives me a big cuddle. I love that.


Every once in a while a bunch of other humans come to my house. They all talk and laugh. One of them is a young human with long hair. She is very good at art and shows my human and the other humans her drawings. There is another young human with fluffy hair. I play with it. None of the humans is every angry with me and they all tell me how much they love me. I usually visit all the humans’ handbags and smooch them or climb inside. The humans stay up really late and I always go to sleep before they leave. I think this is called movie night. I like movie night.

My human gets really sad and scared sometimes. She tells herself ‘it’s not real’ and doesn’t even sit at her computer. I go up and give her a big cuddle. She holds me really close and tells me she loves me. I love her too and I hate when she is scared. She always gets better but I worry about her. One time she said ‘your face looks like a demon but I know you are an angel.’ She needs me I think.

At the end of every day my human mummy climbs into the big bed. I climb under the covers right next to her and lay my head on the pillow. My human puts her arm around me and holds my paw. When I wake up later she is still holding my paw.

I love my human. I am so happy at home with her. I have lots of toys to play with and cat food. I say thank you every day with cuddles and purrs. I rescue my human every day, just like she rescued me. I had a good life for a kitty.


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