If the real world were like my inner world…

I sometimes talk about my ‘Jeanette universe’. This is the world I want to live in. It often exists within my mind and also in physical space at my home, the wonderful Whimsy Manor. I want to share my world with you because it is an affirming place. This is also a bit activist-y, in my own rather gentle way, because my universe and the actual world are very different.

So, in my universe:

  • There is no bullying or abuse. No sexual or family or other kinds of violence, no discrimination on the basis of any characteristic and no prejudice
  • Autism isn’t ever seen as needing to be ‘cured’. In fact neurodiversity is the accepted way of being
  • Nobody needs to ‘mask’ – people are valued for being their own unique them 
  • People are respected for their skills and experience regardless of background, ability or any other characteristic 
  • Buildings and transportation and are all accessible to people who need to use them 
  • Nobody has to go through mental health crisis alone 
  • Sparkly stuff, shiny things and bright colours are everywhere for those who love them 
  • There are no poker machines
  • Everyone has a stable home
  • Assumptions and stereotypes do not exist. Everyone is seen as an individual
  • Stimming is actively encouraged for those who want and need to stim 
  • There is knowledge that sensory experience is not universal 
  • Children are never dissuaded from following their passions 
  • Technology is utilised to facilitate learning, engagement, communication and fun
  • Verbal speech is but one of many accepted ways of communicating 
  • People cosplay their favourite characters …. at work! 
  • If people need to access health care services,  they are able to and those services are supportive, respectful and effective 
  • Nobody is isolated our lonely (unless it is their choice to be) 
  • Nobody feels they need to prove they are ‘right’ 
  • Reality television has never existed 
  • There is art, literature, poetry, music, dance and theatre everywhere and creativity is viewed as extremely important 
  • The natural environment is valued and protected and people delight in nature 
  • Difference and diversity – of gender, ability, culture, sexuality and every other thing – is seen as a big positive and embraced. In fact there is no real need for advocacy around diversity as genuine respect and inclusion are the norm
  • There is no tokenism. Nobody is the ‘colour and light’ at a conference 
  • There are no ‘therapies’ which use rewards and punishment to ‘train‘ kids to seem less autistic. In fact people wouldn’t even consider something like that as it makes no sense in this world
  • There are free trampolines liberally dotted around public spaces 
  • Everyone who needs one gets a pet or assistance  animal and rental properties are all dog and cat-friendly 
  • Nobody judges children in supermarkets – or their parents either 
  • Stories are viewed as being incredibly important
  • There are no ‘Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss’ titles. Everyone just has their name 
  • There are few or no prisons. Behaviour outside of the social contract rarely occurs and when it does, it is treated at the root cause and not simply punished
  • Candidates for jobs do not have to do an interview but instead get to demonstrate their prowess in a less pressured environment 
  • People are motivated by kindness and the wish too make the world a better place 
  • People’s skills and merits are validated without the need for competition with others. Awards are not necessary 
  • People are proud to be their beautiful, amazing self
  • And sorry, I cannot help this….the Dr Who universe is real! 🙂

My preferred world is obviously not going to be for everyone but I think if some of the more ‘serious’ things were happening then life would be considerably improved for those of us who belong to different diverse groups. Some of the points are doable and others are not. I would love for the actual world to be more like my internal world where all these things are true. 


In my actual ‘Jeanette world’ – with Mr kItty at Whimsy Manor

3 thoughts on “If the real world were like my inner world…

  1. Great blogpost, it sounds like a very positive, inclusive and accepting world to be in. It’s also wonderful that you have such a positive way of thinking and want the world to be the same. In some sense, I can relate in that my internal world is more active than the outside world. In fact, a lot of my experiences are processed in that place.

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